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750 BACKERS BIG REVEAL: Gale Force Nine™ Battlemap & Rise of the Drow PAWNS! / Clash of the Factions: Round 4!
over 2 years ago – Sun, Mar 03, 2019 at 11:54:44 PM

The Big Reveal: Gale Force Nine Battlemap & Pawns!

This is just one of many big reveals forthcoming as we unlock backer goals, you are the first to read about this exciting partnership between AAW Games and Gale Force Nine. Gale Force Nine and AAW Games will be bringing you the same type of high quality vinyl battlemaps produced for Wizards of the Coast in the Dungeons & Dragons line. 

Gale Force Nine is printing a limited edition, collectible Underworld vinyl map, depicting an exciting locale from the Underworld and usable again and again in the Rise of the Drow: Collector's Edition mega-adventure/setting. 

Currently nicknamed "Underworld Caverns #1", this map by Sean MacDonald is still in development but depicted below so you can get a sneak peek before anyone else. Please note that more features may be added and adjustments will be made, if you have suggestions please post them in the comments below. 

This map was intentionally designed to be wide open and very versatile so you can place scenery (even real rocks) to change things up and present different obstacles. Of course, this being a vinyl map means you can draw directly on it with dry erase markers to add your own elements. We want you to be able to use this map in numerous battles/scenarios both in Rise of the Drow and beyond. 

Increase your pledge by $30 to include the Underworld Caverns #1 Vinyl Battlemap by Gale Force Nine!

Gale Force Nine -- Prototype vinyl battlemap for "Underworld Caverns #1"
Gale Force Nine -- Prototype vinyl battlemap for "Underworld Caverns #1"

PAWNS! -- Rise of the Drow: Collector's Edition

We are super excited to bring you this limited print-run, collectible set of pawns designed specifically for use with the Rise of the Drow: Collector's Edition mega-adventure/setting! 

This huge set contains over 200 pawns with full-color, beautifully depicted artwork of all the unique creatures & characters within Rise of the Drow: Collector's Edition. Of course, the pawns can be used again and again for all your own adventures and campaigns. 

Need a siege slug manned by svirfneblins? Got it! Maybe one of the towering crystalline entities known as the vidre? This will intimidate the adventurers! How about some drow scouts and drow riding dinosaurs? Those who confront the drow rarely live to speak about it!

Place these impressively depicted enemies out on the battlefield and watch your players squirm in their seats. Do the adventurers look like they might be in need of some help? Call in the dwarven rebel reinforcements, because you have pawns aplenty for every potential scenario! 

Increase your pledge by $45 to include Rise of the Drow: Collector's Edition PAWNS!

Impress your players and intimate the adventurers with these awesome Underworld pawns!
Impress your players and intimate the adventurers with these awesome Underworld pawns!

Want to unlock more COOL STUFF!? 

Keep sharing this campaign with your friends! The more people who back (even at $1) the more cool stuff gets unlocked for this campaign. Only 17 days left folks! Let's make it count!

If you have a favorite podcast please contact them and ask if they'd be interested in having AAW Games on their show (or send us their contact information). 

If you have a website and would like some of our Rise of the Drow: Collector's Edition advertisements please reach out to us either via the comments or private messages and we'll get you whatever you need. 

If you just want to yell from the mountaintops about this Kickstarter, please do it! We appreciate anything and everything our loyal and loving fans and friends do to help make these books and accessories possible. We've entrusted this stage of the project to you and I know you will make this our most successful Kickstarter yet. 

Thank you!


P.S.- Don't stop reading here, the CLASH OF THE FACTIONS update is below! 


Commander Kental led the dwarves in organizing the rebuilding efforts of Embla. 

Runners had been sent to the mines to organize the movement of materials to the walls and gate, relief efforts for those who were displaced during the attack, to the walls to make sure there weren’t any problems that needed immediate attention, and finally one with the solemn duty to deliver the list of the dead to the memorial. 

Sergeant Rufus took charge of the siege weapons and sent them in to be maintained and checked for any issues that might have arisen from the efforts of the drow. 

Raegar, tired after working in the mines, headed to a tavern for a drink before turning in for the night. 

Bordrotir decided to hold a victory party, celebrating the overwhelming victory over the drow. “Fellow Dwarves, attend to my words. I, Bordrotir, am going to speak. We have lost brethren to the forces of the Outsiders, but have not been swept away.  Raise your flagons to our fallen brothers. We have stood up to those pointy-eared drow and shown them, that like a mountain itself, we are immovable. Raise your flagons to the mountain. The Drow will come to realize that they have made a mistake. Raise your flagons to their mistake. The Outsiders will also learn to fear us; for we are DWARVES. Raise your flagons to the Dwarves. We will break the stranglehold the Dominion has down here and show them we are not to be trifled with. Raise your flagons to the Rebellion. We may die, but we will take many with us. So, brethren, hoist your shield and sharpen your axe. Return with your shield or on your shield, but show everyone how Dwarves fight. Raise you flagons. For Moradin, for hearth and home, for dwarves.” Bordrotir raised his new drow skull flagon and drank deeply of his ale. 

The walls were finally finished and the dwarves felt proud seeing the main gate and the walls looking as good as before the attack, though many laughingly suggested they were better since they were made on the backs of the drow that dared attack them.(Written by the Rebel Faction)



Seeking to better understand their surroundings, the Outsiders sent their forces to explore the tunnels and caves below them. While delving into the depths, they chanced upon a cave with a small pond. 

A strange object was spotted across the cave on the other side of the pond. As a group of the Outsiders approached the object, the earth began to tremble and the entire cave threatened to collapse. Grabbing the object they sought, the Outsiders rushed out of the cave to avoid being crushed to death. (Written by the Outsider Faction)



Commander Vayne has suggested we fall back and explore the deeps for hidden advantages at the behest of his council. A fruitful endeavor that wielded more than a few positive results. A small scouting party descended into the depths and discovered a strange contingency of creatures, hostile in appearance but in need of help more than a meal. 

Instead of simply slaying the creatures, we assisted them in solving a problem, so as to use them to our advantage in the future, a favor done is a favor owed after all. Upon discovering their home; not all was as it seemed. Living chaos seemed to rouse our mages, almost taking them. Quick wits saved the small expedition. We never saw the beings that frightened our "newfound allies" but that perhaps, is for the best.

Opening a path for the rest of the Dominion troop, we were greeted with five artifacts from which to choose from; but my memory is foggy and I remember only one. A vial of liquid obtained, and a sudden displacement that followed shortly after. Memories have become difficult to recall or decipher. I do not believe we could travel back to that location if we tried. But we have obtained a mighty item this day.

We rest and regroup now, gauging where to go and wondering exactly what happened in those darker caverns. (Written by the Dominion Faction)


How do I join a faction? 

Read this update!

We hope you've enjoyed this amazing update, straight from the dwarven city of Embla!

Your friend in the Underworld,

Jonathan G. Nelson


AAW Games

Clash of the Factions: Round 3 / BIG REVEAL coming up at 750 Backers!
over 2 years ago – Sat, Mar 02, 2019 at 11:50:32 PM

Greetings everyone, welcome to another installment of CLASH OF THE FACTIONS, the special mini-game taking place right here on the Rise of the Drow: Collector's Edition Kickstarter!

If you'd like to learn how to join please read UPDATE #2 and follow the directions there.

We decided to try something different in Round 3 and let each faction do their own write-ups for what transpired. Here is what last happened in the Underworld according to each faction.


As Lord Commander Sorin Vayne reigned in his steed alongside the members of the Dominion Council of War who accompanied him, he eyed the seemingly deserted dwarven fortress. He could sense the bloodlust in his allies, from the arcane crackles of the archmage's eyes to the otherworldly green flame alight in their Warlock's gaze. The commander of rogues, ever the wit, jester to the air and archmage alike, the energy for violence slowly building among them. 

Lord Commander Vayne slowly raised one arm, gave the signal for the Dominion's most adept spellcasters to prepare their most destructive spells, and signaled the volley. A comet of energies soared to the massive dwarven gates, the roar of the impact thundered a mountain heartbeat in the darkness. A second volley. And with the third, they charged through the splintering wood. 

Into the oncoming doom of dwarven siege craft, giant stalagmites ripping through the front lines of their raiding party. The drow force pushed forward, through the gates, but were pushed back by the dwarves. Even the mighty vidre the Lord Commander summoned was rent to pieces by the Rebel's mighty ammunition. As the tide of battle turned, the War Council of the Dominion gave their troops the signal to go dark. One by one, the few standing drow consumed the venom they carried, never to reveal their secrets. 

The Lord Commander and his council shared deep looks of barely concealed triumph as they returned to Holoth. With their information network completed, the true plans could begin. (Written by the Dominion for Round 3)



Strong from their previous victory against the Rebels and arming themselves with the weapons of those fallen Rebels, the Outsiders stealthily march on the Dominion stronghold, carefully navigating the Fungi Forest with the help of their Funglet allies. They made it to Holoth's doorstep, but unfortunately a young untried recruit slipped and dropped some loose Rebel gear that had been brought along with plans of planting it within Holoth, the Dominion city. The sound of the falling gear echoed throughout the caves and tunnels and while the Dominion forces could not see the Outsiders, they responded by sending scouts in their direction.

A group of drow dinosaur riders and a tall crystalline creature came to investigate the noise. Quickly collecting the fallen gear, the Outsiders backtracked into the Fungi Forest, seeking cover. After they regrouped, they attempted to lead the pursuers into a nearby natural hazard, a choker grove, while the rest of the group hid. Unfortunately, the Dominion mounts had a keen sense of smell and remained on the track of the Outsiders. 

Unable to hide, the Outsider leader called for the attack, decimating half the pursuers on the first strike and sending the rest running. For the sake of their plan, they quickly ran after and cut down the rest of the Dominion scouts, gaining a swift victory against a vastly outnumbered enemy. The Outsiders gathered their fallen companions, dropped a few Rebel helmets and left home victorious.

Back in Holoth, the Dominion forces sent another group of scouts to find out what happened to the first. What they found were their brothers-in-arms, bodies pierced and slashed to pieces by Rebel swords and axes, their bones crushed by Rebel hammers and maces. No enemy was in sight. (Written by the Outsiders for Round 3)



Commander Kental is overseeing the last stages of setting up the defense of Embla, there are 4 siege weapons created by joint efforts of the Svirfneblins and the Dwarves they are split 2 at each gate. The city is on lockdown with various dwarves stationing themselves across the city. The defenses are just being finished with the troops split evenly between the front gates and the back road when a runner from the front gates rushes up to Kental “Sir, Sir, the Dominion. They are just outside the city, they came from the east.” Kental sends another runner to the back road to reposition the siege weapons and troops towards the main gate. Sergeant Rufus finishes his letter to his wife Brunhilde and starts organizing the men with the Dweorg Rock Singers (stalactite launchers) “Now don’t forget to take care and remember poor Gumblie, he went headfirst into the mouth of a Singer some years back and decided to quit drinking,” Rufus spits off to the side as if some foul ale passed his lips, “and has taken up mushroom farming. Don’t let that happen to you.” 

After some time, the gates to the great city of Embla fall, unleashing a horde of drow upon Embla. Unfortunately for the Dominion, they are greeted by stalactites, launched by the Rock Singers! One is a direct hit, killing dozens with others severely wounded, the other only hits the edges of their swarm. Commander Kental calls for the Rock Singers to be reloaded and for the dwarves to defend until the weapons are ready. Hargalten returns from the underground and joins the fray at the front gates, the battle seems to be even for now, though the drow are gaining momentum while trying to reach the siege weapons. The dwarves rally and hold the drow off to gain time for the weapons to finish reloading.

All of a sudden, there is a shadow at the gates, a massive vidre barely fits its body through the ruined gates. Straightening up, the vidre towers over the dwarves; a moment of silence then Sergeant Rufus and Commander Kental call for a Rock Singer to aim for the vidre while the other readjusts and aims at the drow. The drow focus their magic on the Singer aimed at them, when the second fires at the vidre shattering and scattering its body across the battlefield. As the battle continues, the drow forces have been cut nearly in half when they notice two rather unusual weapons, huge slugs with towers on their backs, approaching with a wave of dwarves and svirfneblins. 

After the initial surge from the dwarf and svirfneblin reinforcements, the drow attempt to withdraw, but the defenders don’t let up and wipe them out to the last man. The dwarves and svirfneblins mount some drow heads on pikes that have been arranged along the walls. A suggestion rings out to use their bodies as mortar to aid in the repairs to the walls and gate. Commander Kental reviews the battle and finds that the Rebels suffered only minor casualties and the reinforcements were delayed due to a couple dwarves being drunk, likely from a party earlier. There was one dwarf, Bordrotir, complaining about having lost one of their best flagons and claimed a drow skull to make into a replacement. Bordrotir seems to have an interesting reaction to drinking from his new flagon. Hargalten begins leading a small group to gather the vidre pieces and take them to the svirfneblins, who are curious about the strange effects everyone felt with the vidre exploded and the dust settled over the field of battle. (Written by the Rebels for Round 3)


Lots of amazing ADD-ONS about to unlock!

Remember to keep sharing the Kickstarter project with your friends and fellow tabletop gamers via social media. The more stretch, backer, and milestone goals we unlock the more cool stuff goes into this book and becomes available as limited edition, collectible add-ons. As of this update we've almost reached 750 backers which unlocks two VERY COOL items. It's been so difficult to keep quiet on these so it will be nice to finally reveal these and talk about them! We're almost there!

How can I help unlock goals?

Copy & Paste the text & link below into your favorite form of social media. If you're a really huge drow fan you can paint it on the side of your house! ;) 


Rise of the Drow is a mega-adventure over 600-pages in length and takes your characters from levels 1-20. In addition to the main adventure, you can use Rise of the Drow to run multiple campaigns set entirely underground! Books available for PFRPG or D&D 5th Edition!


Keep checking back to see what we unlock at 750 backers. Oh man, I can't wait to do the big reveal! 

See you in the Underworld my friends!

Jonathan G. Nelson


AAW Games



DICE SETS UNLOCKED! Choose Your Faction!
over 2 years ago – Fri, Mar 01, 2019 at 09:28:52 AM

To check results each day/week visit the main Kickstarter page.
To check results each day/week visit the main Kickstarter page.

The Underworld is on the verge of war: Choose your faction!

The drow of Holoth have made their move, striking at the dwarven trading caravans from Embla, taking possession of the cargo, killing the guards, and enslaving the rest. The Underworld is on the verge of war and while some begin to take sides to survive, others watch cautiously from the shadows, waiting for opportunity to come to them. 



The denizens of the Underworld are taking sides and divided up into three factions. 


The drow and the vidre have forged an alliance which threatens to upset the delicate balance of power in the Underworld. Raiding and enslaving other races is a way of life for the drow, with the power of the Vidrefacte artifact, nothing can stand in their way. Drow have access to vast resources and powerful soul-draining magic which they use to crush their enemies. 


The dwarves and svirfneblin, being constant targets of the drow raids, join forces in a loose rebellion that lacks solid leadership. Luckily, the rebels have stockpiles of hidden resources on hand which they can use to build powerful defenses and/or hire help from others. Perhaps allies can be found to assist in overthrowing the drow of Holoth!


The oddities of the Underworld such as the ahool, funglets, and vestraadi seek protection from the threat of major conflict. They wait for the right opportunity to emerge from the depths, claim some fragment of power, then skitter back to the shadows. Outsiders have unique abilities which allow them to blend in with their surroundings and strike quickly and tactfully. They also know many secrets of the Underworld such as how to move through areas inaccessible or inhospitable to most. 


To join a faction, decide which group speaks to you the most. Right-click and SAVE AS one of the images at the bottom of this update, then make this your profile picture here on Kickstarter. If you wish to gain more of an advantage over your enemies you may also add this profile picture to your social media accounts like Twitter & Facebook. 

After you have chosen a faction please introduce yourself in the comments section of the Kickstarter (not the update mind you, but the main comments) so we can congratulate you and welcome you to the Underworld War. 

Faction leaders

If you wish to be considered for a Faction Leader please say so (in the main comments section) and explain why you think you'd be good at leading your troops in the Underworld War. Based on prior participation in the Kickstarter and your answer, we will choose ONLY ONE leader from each faction and grant a special badge and benefits. Leaders will communicate with their troops to help solve riddles or problems, explore the Underworld, and defeat their enemies. When the need arises, you will also defend yourself or perhaps attack one of the other factions. All of this will be coordinated through the faction leaders.

Underworld Faction Dice Sets

At 500 Backers you've unlocked Faction Dice Sets which are add-ons for $10 per set. Each set starts with three (3) limited-edition, custom dice from Chessex with your faction badge engraved upon them. You can buy just your faction or all the factions at $10 per set, whatever you'd like. 

As your faction progresses in the Underworld War you'll increase the overall dice which come in your faction's set. No one will be left out because anyone is welcome to add any of the listed dice sets by increasing their pledge level $10 per set desired. Dice sets will max out at ten (10) dice but you'll have to work hard to dominate in the Underworld to build up a set this large. 



Clash of the Factions: Round 2
over 2 years ago – Thu, Feb 28, 2019 at 12:54:06 PM

If you're wondering what this game is that everyone is playing, please read UPDATE #2 for information and instructions on how to begin, it's super easy. We're having great fun and also increasing dice sets (or decreasing as the case may be) with each round of the struggle. See you on Discord!

Don't forget to check out the new add-ons and increase your pledge. More stretch goals are being unlocked every day and we're only about 100 backers away from unlocking the next physical add-on for the Rise of the Drow: Collector's Edition Kickstarter!

The Dominion prepared for the Rebels to respond to their initial assault on the dwarven trade caravan. The drow armed their guards to the teeth, rode out on small and nimble dinosaurs, and prepared the proper siege equipment to decimate dwarven and svirfneblin infantry. The wait was long, standing watch in the purple light cast from Tolgorith Tower and the Spider Temple, for no one arrived. The drow were prepared and waiting but eventually scouts returned reporting a grand battle between the Rebels and the Outsiders which took place somewhere between Embla and the Fungi Forest on the Back Road. New Dominion scouts were dispatched but by the time they arrived on the scene, they found nothing but dead bodies. Most of the Rebel corpses were partially devoured with necks ripped out and bones gnawed upon. A grisly sight for most but just another stroll through the Underworld for the drow and their Dominion forces. 


The Rebels decided to get the jump on the Outsiders, knowing the drow would expect retribution and hole up in the city of Holoth. After fortifying the dwarven city of Embla, the Rebels marched down the Back Road in search of the Outsiders' settlements. Those grisly Outsiders wouldn't be able to stay hidden for long, the dwarves and svirfneblin would soon claim that newly discovered magical orb for Embla's survival and prosperity. Little did they know...


The Outsiders also decided to attack the Rebels, so unbeknownst to one another, the two groups were both in the great caves of the Back Road, marching directly at one another. However, the Outsiders were more observant and spotted the Rebels first. The Outsider troops quickly took position and hid behind large rocks, boulders, and huge mushrooms, waiting for the right moment to strike. As the Rebels passed by, the Outsiders charged in and tore the Rebel forces asunder. The battle went back and forth, at times swaying to the advantage of the Rebels, but finally the Outsiders struck a killing blow, decimating the dwarven forces and leaving only a few survivors. Those dwarves left standing chose to stay and fight, pressing forward only to be easily dispatched by the Outsiders who then began to feast upon the bodies and drink the blood of their victims.


Don't forget to pick up your FACTION DICE ADD ON by increasing your pledge by $10 per set!





Outsiders, we're just hanging out doin' our thing. ;)
Outsiders, we're just hanging out doin' our thing. ;)

Reduced S&H Costs for outside USA / Physical add-on rewards available to anyone at $99 level (even overseas)
over 2 years ago – Wed, Feb 27, 2019 at 07:33:04 PM

Exciting Changes to the Kickstarter project

Rise of the Drow: Collector's Edition Kickstarter is going strong and we're excited to tell you about a few changes and additions taking place on the project.

  • S&H for backers outside the USA has been reduced $20-$25. We decided to eat that cost ourselves so our friends outside the country could join this awesome project. The rates listed on the FAQ page have already been updated to reflect the reduced rates.
  • Physical add-ons are available to backers at $99 worldwide. We are now including all physical add-ons in print book orders at no additional cost to you, even if you are overseas.
  • Physical add-ons are available to USA backers at any level. Although PDF backers will have to pay a small (negligible) amount of S&H.
  • Choose your Faction! See what all the hype is about via Update #2.
  • New Faction Dice Sets! Visit the main Kickstarter page to add on your favorite Underworld Faction Dice Set for $10 per set. Dice by Chessex.