Rise of the Drow: Collector's Edition for D&D 5E and PFRPG

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Our #1 Bestseller and ENnie nominated mega-adventure Rise of the Drow returns in a final massive volume for 5th Edition or Pathfinder.

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Character Reveal: Sor / Clash of the Factions: Round 9
about 1 year ago – Thu, Mar 14, 2019 at 12:02:59 AM


Middle Son of House Gullion

As the middle son of House Gullion, Sor was neither favored nor disfavored, he was mostly left to his own devices (within reason). Uninterested in the politics of the matriarchy, Sor spent most of his childhood outside the palace. He trekked through the Underworld and explored.

Seeing Sor’s affinity for the Underworld and the animals that roamed it, Matron Maelora convinced him to train the creatures outside the palace to fight each other or become slaves for her amusement. Sor initially disagreed, not wanting to harm the animals outside, but over time he realized that he couldn’t disobey the Matriarch.

Sor had a special area under the palace built so he would have a place to train the animals he found. Chokers, cave fishers, giant centipedes, a few morlocks and troglodytes were the first specimens that Sor ‘recruited’ but Maelora wanted more.

Soon after, he added an otyugh to his herd. Maelora made the suggestion to Sor to bring in surface animals, as they were all but unseen in the Underworld.

Being more comfortable around the animals and monsters of the Underworld than he was with other drow, Sor made solo forays to the surface world.

By himself, he brought back bears and wolves, tigers and, with some difficulty, a troll.

These animals were not enough for Maelora; she demanded something new, something unique. With some hesitance, Sor went to the surface and captured his first human—Maelora was delighted. For now, the human has sated her desire for fresh creatures, but Sor knows that she’ll want something newer soon.

On one of Sor’s journeys to find new creatures, he found that a giant spider followed him—always staying out of harm’s way—but Sor could feel the eight eyes on him as he walked. After a few hours of animals being scared away by the arachnid, Sor finally stopped and turned to the eight legged creature.

After a strange exchange that tested Sor’s wits as well as his patience, the drow learned that the arachnid was named Elon. Displaced by dvergr and only capable of speaking in broken Undercommon (for which it claims a human is responsible), they returned to Holoth together. Having brought back with him a living symbol of Naraneus, Sor was proclaimed as a prophet and a seer, though he wanted nothing to do with the adoration of his fellow drow.

Maelora saw the love being heaped upon her son and was afraid he might use the newfound respect and admiration to cause an upheaval in House Gullion. She couldn’t have that, so she organized a family dinner and made it known that Sor would direct all of the praise given to him to the family and Naraneus, but more specifically, to Matron Maelora—Sor simply nodded, not caring in the slightest.

Maelora made a speech to her subjects declaring that Naraneus had smiled upon House Gullion and that Elon was an avatar of the Spider Goddess herself, sent to lead the family to even further greatness.

Increase your pledge by the amount listed to snag any add-ons you wish!
Increase your pledge by the amount listed to snag any add-ons you wish!

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The Upperworlders took up defensive positions and prepared for an attack they feared would come. Hidden amongst trees, rocks, and on boats, they waited. Day turned to night, night turned to day. Still there was nothing but silence. They stood down knowing that for the time being, they were safe.

Though the peace did not last long as rebel forces soon emerged from the Underworld. Embla had fallen. The Rebels that remained made their way to Rybalka seeking shelter. (Written by the Upperworlders)



The citizens of Embla again prepared for an assault, unfortunately they underestimated their enemies, there was little warning before the Dominion assaulted the front gates with a vidre tearing open the gates with a swiftness that matched its size. Though Commander Hargalten called for reinforcements from the center of the city, there was little time for them to do so, with the unexpected gitwerc supplementing the drow forces the dwarves were quickly being overwhelmed at the front gates, it seemed for every attack from the defenders they were met with thrice the numbers in return. The defenders of Embla had a brief moment of respite when a portal appeared above the attacking drow and gitwerc, revealing a figure with glowing skin and crystals growing from his body who landed and pushed the invaders back for a moment, word had somehow reached their Upperworlder allies on the surface, though the help would not be enough to save the city.

Noises of a Rock Singer siege engine drew the Rebels' attention, the screams of dweorg and svirfneblins made the Rebels realize that there must have been an assault from the rear. The Outsiders had eliminated the defenders at the rear gate to the back road and commandeered the Rock Singer, using it against the citizens of the very city it was meant to defend. The Rock Singer launched a massive stalactite into the side of the dwarven temple causing walls to crumble and dwarves to spill out, bloodied, into the streets while the gitwerc moved through, slaying them and binding their souls for eternal torture in Hel. 

Commander Hargalten made one of the toughest choices he had ever had to make: the Rebels were to withdraw and abandon Embla, the only home they had ever known. It was the only option with which to save his people from complete annihilation.

A small group of survivors retreated into the caves leading to the Fungi Farms. To COmmander Hargalten's knowledge only his small group survived the relentless assault on the dweorg and svirfneblins scrambling for safety, the survivors managed to hide in the tunnels and after some time of wandering trying to avoid their pursuers, their Upperworlder friend, who gave his name as Talak, found a path they had recently explored and managed to lead them to Rybalka. 

Once the beleaguered survivors reached Rybalka, they awaited news of any other survivors. The Upperworlders would allow them to stay, it looked like Rybalka was to become a temporary home to the displaced dwarves and svirfneblins. (Written by the Rebels)



The Dominion and Outsider leaders both met to plan their next move. After much discussion, they agreed to strike at the Rebel city from both sides. The Outsiders sneaked around and positioned themselves by the back gate into the dwarven city of Embla, awaiting the Dominion's initial strike before sneaking in and commencing their attack. 

Upon the Dominion's first assault of the gate, the Outsiders made their way,  silent as a shadow, and killed a great number of Rebels. After a brief skirmish, they commandeered one of the Rock Singer siege engines which was then efficiently used against the city temple, destroying a wall and killing many priests. 

The Outsiders pressed their advantage and as the end of the battle was near, began looting the city for its fabled riches. 

After the battle was won, the Dominion and Outsiders celebrated their glorious victory. Both agreed to leave a small force behind and jointly run the newly liberated rebel city renamed Scionsfell to commemorate their great victory. The Rock Singer, was to be brought back to the Outsiders settlement as spoils of war. 



Separating forces perhaps did not seem like the best of ideas but where there is a will there is a Helish way. Lord Vayne stayed behind in Holoth to discuss a future that the council sought with the Dominon's albino guest. In his absence the scribe stepped out of the shadows to steer the council and their forces forward. Blood was to be spilt this night, and sacrifices to be collected; the spiderlings in Holoth were beginning to grow restless.  

What followed could only be called a war in the same way that an orc crushing a beetle would be called a fair fight. The Rebels were completely overwhelmed by the sheer might of the Dominion and Outsiders combining to create (for a time) a perfectly seamless force. Nothing seemed able to turn the tides, both forces bolstered by the victories of their companions. The city lays empty now, under the claim of both factions; it shall be named and divvied up accordingly. A glorious victory was taken this day, and vengeance achieved for the bruised Dominion City.


Character Reveal: Gal
about 1 year ago – Tue, Mar 12, 2019 at 11:45:22 PM

Gal (art by Bryan Syme)
Gal (art by Bryan Syme)


Youngest Son of House Gullion

Whereas the youngest child of the family often receives the most attention and care, in drow households the treatment is much different; Gal learned from an extremely young age the importance of independence and sound judgement. While his elder siblings might enjoy more prestige, he is still a noble and belongs to the most powerful house in all of Holoth; he's had the finest trainers, tutors and sparring opponents in the Underworld. 

Gal’s childhood taught him to be critically self-reliant and disciplined, conserving his resources to achieve his goals with maximum efficiency. One of these goals is to ensure his continued existence and rise to prominence in Holoth; to this end, he’s become an extremely well-read military historian and tactician, easily the equal of any drow found in the War College. Moreover, this has led him to be prepared for any possible contingencies. While Gal enjoys being able to deal with any situation that arises himself, he knows the value of a good ally and always keeps his lieutenant Mal Yrr Niss nearby, encouraging a rumor the two are paramours to hide his obsessive preparations.

He is—as any drow should be—extremely paranoid and has plans in place for even the most heretical event. Should his mother Maelora ever prove herself to be totally insane, he is positive that the piece of the Vidrefacte crystal hidden in his room will prove pivotal to her downfall.


Clash of the Factions: What is it? / Round 8 Results
about 1 year ago – Tue, Mar 12, 2019 at 05:04:43 PM

What is Clash of the Factions?

Clash of the Factions is a mini-game created to coincide and celebrate the Rise of the Drow: Collector's Edition Kickstarter. It's also a way to increase the overall dice in each of the $10 Add-on Faction Dice Sets.

The game takes place on Discord and many of our faction members are new to this software so please don't let the platform scare you. Everyone is very kind and willing to help. 

Various factions vie for control of the Underworld by taking one of three main actions or utilizing their special action and in some cases unique items or creatures they have discovered through exploration. 

The goal of the game is to increase your faction's overall dice pool, thereby gaining control of the Underworld and creating a set of 10 collectible dice for only $10 (available to everyone, even non-participants). 

If you'd like to join Clash of the Factions simply choose one of the following factions, change your profile pic on Kickstarter and Discord to the corresponding faction badge, then private message AAW Games here on the Kickstarter -- top left of RotDC Kickstarter page, click AAW Games, click Contact, send message requesting to be added to Faction X. 



Choose a Faction

Four factions vie for control of the Underworld:

Dominion - Drow & vidre

Outsiders - Ahooling, funglets, vestraadi, dodelig

Rebels - Dwarves (dweorg) & svirfneblin

Upperworlders - Humans (Klavekian)

Choose your faction then change your profile pic (here on Kickstarter) to the appropriate faction and private message us for an invite to your faction's server. 



The drow Council of War saddled up their lizard mounts and descended into the depths of the Underworld, spurred by the fervor of their priestesses as the reconstruction of the Spider Temple began in earnest. The expedition believed itself truly blessed, as Lord Commander Vayne proclaimed from his mount the blessings of the Spider Queen shared with him by the High Priestess. 

Their faith was to be tested, however. Soon all of the Council found themselves sealed off from a few intrepid drow scouts, unable to progress to the depths of the Underworld on their exploration mission. Enduring this test of faith, the Council waited. The scouts, upon their return, further stoked the fervor of praise for the Spider Queen sparked by this mission. The Dominion would return to Holoth armed with the fury of Hel itself. 



After kicking in a stirge nest, the Outsiders prepared for a counterattack from the Upperworlders or their Rebel allies. Thus, the funglets prepared themselves and their mushroom weapons. The ahooling were sent to patrol or gather rocks to drop on the potential assailants. The dødelig went into hiding across the settlement to ambush the enemy and the kraidyl and vestraadi laid low by the lake ready for a surprise attack. The Outsiders waited, but the attack never came. 

(No change in dice)


After the failed attack on Holoth didn't go as planned, Commander Hargalten felt the Rebels should prepare themselves for a retaliatory strike from the Dominion. The citizens of Embla were hurrying back and forth to prepare the defenses of the city, while adjusting their tactics based on the previous strike from the Dominion. Fortunately for the Rebels, the Dominion did not attack, nor did the Outsiders, so the Rebels rested easy. Commander Hargalten is still wary of an attack from the Scions of Umbra.

(No change in dice)


The Upperworlders decided to explore a bit deeper into the earth to try and learn more about the new world they recently discovered. Delving into an unexplored passage of the Rybalkan iron mines, they discovered a mystical spring. The water looked, smelled, and tasted like the most pristine water they had ever seen. Crystalline formations looking almost like ice grew at the bottom of the spring. As some of the explorers drank the water, they felt power flow over them as their bodies began to change. Crystals began to emerge from their skin as they transformed into Colliatur. With their newfound power, they declared the exploration a success.

(+1 die with special powers)

Character Reveal: Mal Yrr Niss
about 1 year ago – Mon, Mar 11, 2019 at 11:29:03 PM

Mal Yrr Niss (art by Bryan Syme)
Mal Yrr Niss (art by Bryan Syme)

Mal Yrr Niss

Gal Gullion’s Lieutenant

While she might be a servant and perceived slave-lover to Gal Gullion, Mal Yrr Niss knows the value of having the ear of a drow noble in Holoth’s First House. True to the ways of her order, this Priestess of Naraneus has every intention of utilizing her position with the youngest son of House Gullion to plot Matron Maelora’s downfall. This means, however, that she must ensure his survival; the two are practically inseparable and short of laying down her life for Gal, Mal Yrr Niss will go to the ends of the Underworld to protect the noble dark elf (and thus protect herself).

Character Reveal: Miah of Embla
about 1 year ago – Mon, Mar 11, 2019 at 11:03:58 PM

Miah of Embla (art by Bryan Syme)
Miah of Embla (art by Bryan Syme)


Miah was an adventurer until about ten years ago when an evil wizard cursed him with a permanent flesh to stone spell. His adventuring group tried everything they could to remove the curse but nothing worked.

When the adventuring group found a ring of wishing in a treasure horde they used it immediately. “I wish for a way to turn our friend Miah from stone to flesh.” They were granted a magical necklace and amulet combo which functions as a stone to flesh spell but only when Miah wears it.

As soon as the necklace is removed, Miah turns back to stone. It is easy enough to change him back though, as one must simply place the necklace back around his neck. 

Miah has since retired from the adventuring lifestyle and now spends his days hammering out weapons and armor in the dwarven city of Embla. At night he serves on the Embla Merchant Circle which meets to discuss ways to improve the village economy and initiate trade routes with other Underworld species. The dwarves had great success negotiating peace and gold in trade for their goods and services. Deals with the Mercane, the zwerc, and even the drow were struck up and peace maintained for many years. That is, up until recently.

Clash of the Factions (mini-game): Special Advantage to Rebels -- The Rebel leader must mention this post in order to obtain the advantage!