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Pathfinder PoD Update
9 months ago – Fri, Sep 11, 2020 at 12:54:48 AM

The print proofs have just now shipped from LSI. 

Yes, this is taking a *lot* longer than normal due to slow downs at the factory and USPS/UPS.

The books are expected to arrive in 1 week (Wednesday the 16th before 9 pm PST). I'll need 2-3 days to fully review each book and make sure the printing was successful.

Once all the print proofs are approved, I'll send out the PoD (print on demand) codes to Pathfinder 1e backers (hoping for a Monday Sept 21 release). 

Keep in mind, there is a very small chance some of the books could have errors which means we have to re-upload files, wait for approval, order print proofs, and do this all over again. My fingers are crossed so hard they're leaving marks! C'mon, please be perfect! ;) 

I'll be in touch!

Jonathan G. Nelson

AAW Games

5E Fantasy Grounds is here!
9 months ago – Tue, Sep 08, 2020 at 05:51:22 PM

If you purchased the 5th Edition Fantasy Grounds version of Rise of the Drow: Collector's Edition, the rewards should now be in your email inbox. This conversion was done by none other than Rob2e!

If you don't see an email from SmiteWorks (Fantasy Grounds) and you have a proof of purchase, please:

1. Check your spam filter/folder to make sure the email didn't end up there.

2. Make sure the email address associated with your pledge is the same email account you're checking (and check spam again).

3. If the email address is correct, it isn't in spam, and you have proof of purchase, please contact us here: https://adventureaweek.com/contact/ (Discord is best and has the quickest response time).

NOTE: If you have any problems obtaining your download, that should go through SmiteWorks (Fantasy Grounds) customer support here: support@fantasygrounds.com

Thank you and enjoy!

Jonathan G. Nelson

AAW Games

P.S. - The Pathfinder 1e version for FG is about 60% complete. 

This is what your email should look like.

No Tracking Number? Don't worry! Orders are still shipping!
10 months ago – Mon, Aug 31, 2020 at 10:17:36 PM



Hello everyone!

I know everyone is very excited and some folks are frustrated or worried about their Rise of the Drow shipments. That's OK and normal, especially when life is so far from normal. Trust me, I've been frustrated with delays as well, most of which I had no control over (which makes them all that more frustrating). 

I want you to realize that you can trust me 100% to be here to make sure you receive your order. If anything goes awry, I'll make sure that things are fixed and resolved for you. To alleviate some of the worry and frustration, I'm sharing the fulfillment process with you below.

Here's how the fulfillment process works:

  • Mox Boarding House / Card Kingdom puts together a package
  • Package goes into mail with a tracking number
  • Email goes out to backer with the tracking number originating from STAMPS.COM and from CARD KINGDOM (check SPAM filter/folder, they often end up there!) 
  • Backer can track package and notify us if there is an issue
  • If you haven't received a tracking number, your order hasn't shipped yet

Those early shipment backers who received a package but never received a tracking number either had their STAMPS.COM email end up in their spam folder/filter or they were some of the very few who ended up part of a glitch that happened when MOX/CK had their system crash (once) during the fulfillment process.

Fulfillment is on track to be completed AT THE END OF THIS WEEK (meaning that's when all packages hit USPS). Once you get that tracking number, keep it somewhere safe and keep an eye on it.

Thank you for your patience, I promise that I will take care of EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! If you have doubts, please take a look back through any of our past 9 Kickstarters. I never leave a customer or backer hanging, I always communicate and am here to respond to your questions and concerns. I've had people contact me YEARS after a Kickstarter was fulfilled asking about digital rewards they missed and I still follow up and make sure they receive their rewards. I am a strong believer in good customer service and being there for my customers. I'm here right now, if you absolutely know there is something wrong with your order, hit me up on Discord or email (both of which are here: https://adventureaweek.com/contact/ ).


Jonathan G. Nelson

AAW Games

P.S. - A year or so ago, Kickstarter stopped sending me emails when folks post comments on updates or general comments and we have yet to get this resolved. If you absolutely need me to see your message ASAP, please contact me via the link above either through email or Discord. Thank you! 

10 months ago – Fri, Aug 28, 2020 at 09:19:10 PM

08-27-2020 17:06



  • We are about 75% complete. All of the orders we were able to mass-assemble have been shipped
  • All of the map shipments will be completed by the end of the day today
  • Each order with a map and a book requires two separate shipments: one for the map and any other accessories/apparel , and one for the book(s)
  • The customers who purchased maps and books will be receiving two emails with separate tracking numbers by EOD tomorrow (8-28-2020)
  • The rest of the orders must be picked and shipped individually due to their contents.
  • We are still on track to 100% completion by the end of next week.

RotDCE Pathfinder version, Printing & Shipping Delay
10 months ago – Thu, Aug 27, 2020 at 11:31:58 AM

Pathfinder fans... Trust me, I'm as frustrated as you are. 

OneBookShelf (DriveThruRPG) and LSI (Lightning Source/Ingram) are both having printing and shipping delays due to a backlog from COVID.

We are pushing to get these print proof copies in our hands in order to approve and send PFRPG backers codes but this is going to take some time. I just found out today that it could be A MONTH before I even have these books in hand. Insane.

I'm sorry to our PFRPG backers, I had no idea it would take this long. We've had the files ready, it's all backlogged with the printer/shipping companies. We'll keep on it!

Jonathan G. Nelson

AAW Games